History has proved to us the value of community creativity. In the foreseeable future, the CTPC will become a new trend of NFT. In this model, the project developer is responsible for providing the basic framework and function expansion of NFT. The content of NFT is completely up to the buyer to decide. The significance of it is not only gathers the creativity of the public, it also makes NFT deeply related to buyers. It is much more interesting than simply buying and selling NFT.
Frequently Asked Questions
How does the CTPC model work?
Community to provide creative which be called for short CTPC. In this model project developer only provide the basic framework of NFT and the content is determined by community members. Briefly CTPC is a new NFT model that gives part of the design right to the community. Holders can nest their favorite elements in the NFT so that inspire the creativity of the community and makes more connections between community members and NFT. Taking the Meta license plate as an example, people can make their favorite digits, patterns, anniversaries, birthdays, idols or beliefs on the it which is impossible in traditional model. Imagiing that the blank Meta license plate which after your design, the value has multiplied 10 times or even 100 times. What a proud thing it is.
Will Meta license plates continue to be released in the future?
It will no longer be publicly mint, but a very small number of it will be added in the future for airdropping to those who have contributed to the community, the Meta license plate holders and project partners.
How many times can the Meta license plate be customized?
The number of custom times that each Meta license plate is different. Before the Customizable property of the Meta license plate becomes False, it can be customized.
What is the difference between CTPC mode and traditional mode?
In the traditional NFT model, people often buy some NFTs they like, but in the CTPC model, people can create their favorite NFTs. Community members are both holders and creators. History has proved to us the value of community creativity more than once. In the foreseeable future, the CTPC model will become the mainstream of the NFT.
What is the difference between CTPC mode and create NFT directly?
The CTPC model requires project developer create the basic framework of NFT and some design rights are provided to the holder based on it, it can ensure the unity of the NFT collection. Imagine that if the framework is not limited, cats, dogs and even cars are probable to appear in a lion-themed project which is not conducive to the subsequent development of the project.
Why Meta License Plates?
We try to show you the CTPC mode in the simplest way. So we launched the Meta license plate, just like CryptoPunks. It may not be complicated, but it has extraordinary significance as the founder.
How are Meta License Plates nested?
The license plate holder can upload text or pictures on the official website. These text and pictures will be combined with the license plate to generate a more distinctive new license plate.